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Robot-Powered Mobile Experience Testing

Mobot’s mechanical robots automate mobile app tests that are impossible for emulators, virtual devices, and existing frameworks. When the stakes are high, Mobot helps you ship faster and with confidence, every time.

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Discover Why Mobot Is Different

There's a lot of ways Mobot is different, and separates itself from the pack. It isn't just a pretty new UI on top of the same tools - we're redefining how mobile apps are tested.

Proprietary 4th Test Driver

Mobot uses robots to automate physical testing, a proprietary 4th test driver technology, on over 200 mobile devices. Supervised by humans, the robots automate business-critical test scenarios, capture results, and integrate into your release process.

Real Physical Devices

Our robots test like a human. They tap. They swipe. They toggle between two phones, between apps, and third party devices. Mobot uses over 200 physical Android and iOS phones to execute tests just like a human would, without the excessive limitations of emulators.

All Signal. No Noise.

All Mobot customers are assigned a Customer Success Manager who verifies robot test results, and helps you get the most out of Mobot. You get the best of both worlds: efficiency and speed of automation, with the judgment and verification of manual testing.

Robots Like Boring Tasks

Robots are the perfect solution for tedious, monotonous, repetitive work. Mobot’s approach to mobile testing ensures your test cases are executed perfectly every time, and your team is free to work on higher value tasks. Spend much less time QAing your applications.

How Does Mobot Work?

Take a look behind the scenes and learn how Mobot makes magic happen for mobile teams across the World.

Record a Video of Your Test
No coding. No writing out test plans. Just record a video of the test you'd like to run. It couldn't be any easier or faster.

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Upload & Customize Test Options
Using Mobot's self-serve test plan tool, you can upload your test video and tell us exactly how you want the test to be run: iOS vs. Android, specific devices, specific OS, etc.
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Mobot Converts to Test Plan
The Mobot team will take your test plan and convert it into an automated test using the Mobot platform and mechanical robots.
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Robot Testing...Commence!
We unleash the robots to test your mobile app according to the test plan, and record all results, data, and reports within the Mobot platform.
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Review Actionable Test Results
View side-by-side test reports in the Mobot platform. Compare the baseline with test results, pass or fail flags, and bug notes from your CSM that ensure noise is eliminated.
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Fix Bugs & Release with Confidence
Using your Mobot test report you can quickly identify bugs to fix, and release to the app store with confidence.
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Mobot Success Stories

Sandboxx Maintains a 99.9% Crash-Free Rate with Mobot

“Can’t say enough about how much better I feel with each release now that Mobot is part of the pipeline. Our stability rating for iOS is now at 99.9%!!!”


The #1 Neobank Used Mobot to Eliminate Manual Testing

Today, #1 US Neobank team can spend their time on higher-value work like exploratory testing, usability testing, and writing automation code. This new system where all critical manual testing is handled by Mobot’s human supervised, mechanical robots frees up over 20 hours per week of high value development time while also giving their team peace of mind.

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Citizen Gets 5-Star Rating & Eliminates 1,000s of Manual Testing Hours

"I've never seen an emulator get something 100% correct. When it comes to mobile it is not the same. Nothing can beat a physical device. Feels like magic to our team”

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